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ICON Fractional Laser Eugene, OR

Have you ever hoped for one treatment option that can cover a wide range of concerns? Maybe you have stretch marks and sun damage you want to reduce? Or scarring and wrinkles that you want to diminish and smooth? The ICON Fractional Laser has the versatility to do it all! Ranging from wrinkle reduction to treatment of hyperhidrosis, the ICON laser can meet a wide range of concerns using ablative fractional laser technology to deliver energy deep into the skin, which stimulates the regeneration of new skin. The laser emits pulses of laser energy into the skin, targeting hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, or stretch marks.

ICON Fractional laser can:

As the energy is absorbed into the treated skin, the body’s healing response naturally kicks in and begins creating healthy skin in the treatment area. You will see continued improvements in the weeks following treatment with the coloration of the treated area and smoothness of the skin! ICON Fractional laser is incredibly effective at resurfacing the skin. One of the greatest benefits is that this laser stimulates the collagen production, which continues to regenerate to improve areas with stretch marks or discoloration.

Treatments time varies depending on what area is being treated. Eye protection will be provided to protect your eyes from the laser treatment. You will experience swelling and redness following fractional laser treatment, but it should subside within three days following the procedure. We recommend scheduling treatments every four weeks until optimal results are reached. We also recommend avoiding sun exposure throughout the course of treatment, using at least an SPF 30 until you have reached your desired results and are no longer scheduling treatment



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