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Sculptra is a poly-L-lactic acid injectable filler that’s typically used in the face to smooth out deep creases and wrinkles. Unlike hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvéderm and Restylane, which provide immediate results by physically lifting the skin, Sculptra works more gradually by stimulating collagen production over the course of several months.

An immediate plumping effect can be noticed after the poly-L-lactic acid injections have been performed, but that’s only because they also contain water. The skin returns to its normal state a few days later. It’s only then that the magic actually starts to work, as the microparticles are absorbed into the skin and the body is coaxed into reproducing lost collagen.

Liquid Butt Lift using “Sculptra”

The buttocks aren’t the only area where Sculptra can be injected. Other uses include but not limited to the hands and the hollowed temples.


Sculptra for Body

While diets and even exercise are not guaranteed to influence specific places we wish to improve, individuals looking to contour their bodies may need to develop an alternative way to contour their less invasive bodies.

Fortunately for our patients, Refine Medical Center provide surgery-free Sculptra to create a better shape, rounder buttocks, or a fuller appearance for their body. In addition to improving your appearance, this high-tech collagen stimulant can boost your self-esteem and confidence.

Poly-L-lactic acid is a unique component of Sculptra for the body, which is why it works. This component works by stimulating new collagen production while also replacing collagen in the targeted region of the body. It can also improve the skin condition of the treated area, and it may even assist with cellulite-related problems.

The process can be finished in as little as 30 minutes, and there is no need for you to miss any time off from work. You should have 2-4 Sculptra® treatments to get the best results, typically four to five weeks apart.

Sculptra for Body Treatment gives you more fullness in areas of the body. When injected into the targeted region, the solution restores volume, promotes collagen growth, and gives a plumping effect.

Other benefits include:
• Builds natural volume
• Results are long-lasting
• Non-invasive treatments
• Safe & effective
• There is no anesthesia needed
• Short treatment period
• Very little to no downtime needed

Some of the most common areas of the body for filler injections include:

• The upper arms
• Around the knees
• Chest area
• The buttocks.

Fillers are a safer, non-surgical method to enhance your appearance. Sculptra aesthetic is an effective way to treat volume loss, fine lines, and wrinkles while improving skin quality. It is very affordable and well worth the money since it delivers all of these advantages and lasts up to two years.

To learn more about Sculptra injections for the body, contact Refine Medical Center today for a consultation.



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