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Natural Growth Factor Injections | Refine Medical Center & Med Spa Eugene, OR

Natural Growth Factor Injections Eugene, OR

Natural Growth Factor Injections Therapy, otherwise known as Natural Growth Factor Injections, is an innovative medicine that uses concentrated platelets to accelerate the healing process. This process allows our bodies’ natural abilities to do their best to quickly and efficiently repair injuries in areas like tendons, ligaments, muscles joints, etc.

The process begins by taking one to a few tubes of your own blood and running it through the centrifuge. Once this is done, activated platelets are injected directly into your injury or illness site- effectively encouraging growth factors that heal damaged tissues while also promoting anti-inflammatory properties because they contain more than just plasma protein.

The benefits of plasma-rich therapy are twofold. First, it accelerates the natural healing process, allowing people to heal more efficiently and quickly in tendons, ligaments, muscles, or joints. Secondly, its painless nature means that patients can stay active during recovery without fear of exacerbating injury through too much activity.

While Natural Growth Factor Injections sounds like something from a sci-fi novel, patients are discovering it offers the following advantages:

Among the other benefits: Downtime is minimal to nonexistent!

The effects of Natural Growth Factor Injections are not permanent but can last up to 18 months on average, with a maximum reported effect lasting 2 years. Some people may resort back for re-touch treatments once per year or when there is something more drastic going wrong in their skin.

Natural Growth Factor Injections injections are the next big thing in regenerative medicine, offered here at Refine Medical Center! You inject your own blood into injured or diseased body tissue to stimulate and increase cells that promote healing with great results! So, what is a side effect of Natural Growth Factor Injections injection therapy? Your skin will look amazing because it’ll be stronger too.

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