Is Kybella Permanent? 9 Things to Know Before Treatment

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Countless people would agree that removing stubborn fat lumps is difficult and time-consuming. Regrettably, hard work through proper diet and exercise may not always yield the desired results. This irritates some people because their hard work isn’t progressing, and these fat lumps also make them self-conscious about their looks. If neither of those options is effective, it may be time to contemplate Kybella.

Why Attempts to Curb Fat Deposits May Fail

It’s no overstatement that a healthy diet and lifestyle can help you shed weight, but it may not work for everyone. Many factors, including genetics, have been shown in studies to contribute to the persistence of fat deposits. It’s easy to notice why some people have double chins despite their slim build.

Isn’t it true that you can’t fight genetics? The promising news is that there is a way to get rid of these fat deposits without resorting to invasive procedures. Kybella is a non-invasive option that can help with these fat lumps.

But before you try out the Kybella treatment, here are 9 things to know about it first:

1.) What Is Kybella?

Kybella is an injectable cosmetic treatment that claims to reduce fat in the neck, chin, and jawline without surgery. Its common constituent is deoxycholic acid, the same acid found in your stomach. Its simple procedure takes only 10 minutes or less, depending on the number of injections and locations that need to be addressed.

Cosmetic surgeons generally use Kybella to treat moderate to severe fat deposits in the submental fat layer on the chin and neck. While Kybella may help reduce fat deposits, it is usually only advised if you have a stable weight. Kybella won’t help mitigate fat lumps if you’re putting on weight. 

2.) Kybella Is Non-Invasive

You used to resort to surgical procedures like liposuction to get rid of fat. 

But thanks to Kybella, you won’t have to, and all you’ll need are a few quick injections. Those very same injections are also non-painful.

The FDA approved the treatment in November 2015, so you won’t have to worry about its safety. Many health centers now offer Kybella for metabolizing fat lumps at a reasonable price, and most people use Kybella for double chin issues. 

3.) Who’s A Good Candidate?

These injections are safe for almost anyone who wants to address submental fat. However, you can only meet the criteria to be a candidate through a dialogue with a qualified practitioner. This is important because you want the person injecting you to examine the site and be familiar with your medical history. It enables them to tailor a treatment regimen for you to yield the best results.

You must be over the age of eighteen to receive this treatment, as the drug’s effectiveness has still not been researched in people under 18. Of course, if you have an injury or illness at the injection site, you should postpone receiving injections. Furthermore, you must inform your provider of any previous chin treatment modalities or other invasive procedures to ensure that the injections are placed appropriately for high efficacy.

4.) What You Should Expect In The Treatment

Kybella is a simple procedure that takes only a few minutes to complete. 

To avoid bruising during your treatment, you may be asked to stop taking any supplements, aspirin, or ibuprofen before your appointment. 

Omega 3s, such as fish oil and flax seeds, garlic-based supplements, and vitamin E, are among the supplements you will be asked to avoid. 

After the treatment, you must wait three days before starting any supplements again.

To avoid pain and discomfort, areas around your neck and chin will be dulled before the injections around your neck and chin. Your provider will then proceed with the injections after this has been completed. Depending on your treatment plan, you may receive up to 50 injections during a single treatment. A 30-gauge or smaller 0.5-inch needle will be used to space them one centimeter apart. 

5.) The Number Of Sessions You May Need

A few patients who receive Kybella are happy with the results after one injection session, but this is uncommon. Many clients may need up to six sessions spaced one month apart to achieve the best results. 

In clinical studies, 59 percent of patients needed all six sessions to achieve their desired results. The number of treatments you’ll need in the end can only be determined after a professional consultation, during which a personalized treatment plan is created.

6.) Results Are Effective And Permanent

Fat cells that have died due to the Kybella injections can no longer store fat. As a result, the outcomes of Kybella treatment are irreversible. The noteworthy caveat to this statement is that you remain in a healthy weight range. 

New fat cells may form a mass under the chin with considerable weight gain, causing your double chin to reappear. Despite this, there are a few instances of people gaining weight while retaining their treatment results, but this is uncommon. 

7.) Minimal Side Effects

There may be some side effects, but they are not all severe. 

Skin ulceration, dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), temporary nerve injury, and the possibility of permanent or temporary beard hair loss are all possible side effects, but they are very rare. After the procedure, you should be able to resume your normal activities and maintain your normal activity level.

8.) Minimal Recovery

As previously stated, there is minimal downtime associated with Kybella. 

Following the initial injections, you will experience virtually no pain. 

If you notice any inflammation after your treatment, the injections are working. You will be able to go about your daily routine as usual.

9.) Alternatives

Liposuction is the only actual alternative treatment for Kybella. As you may know, liposuction is a surgical procedure that converts fat to liquid, then removes it from the body. This would undoubtedly get rid of your double chin. 

Still, it would also mean weeks of downtime, considerable pain, and the possibility of severe side effects such as kidney and heart damage. Blood clots are also a possibility, as with any major surgery.

Furthermore, as the remaining fat in your body moves around and resettles after liposuction, you may have uneven results. It may cause dimpling in your skin, or you may need to have a second procedure after the fat has been removed to remove loose skin. You will have to necessitate even more invasive procedures, raising your overall costs. 


If you want to eliminate the double chin that plagues you, Kybella is the more accessible and cheaper route. So if you are interested, be sure to contact us and drop by our clinic, Refine Medical Center. We offer aesthetic treatments that help our patients address different concerns. 

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