Hair Restoration: Its Procedure, Benefits and Side Effects

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It can be a nightmare for some people to find out that they are balding or their hair thinning even though they are still in their twenties. This can cause a lot of stress, especially to people who value their appearance the most, especially their hair. For them, their hair is their crowning glory, and slowly losing it will also lose their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Fortunately, there are many available methods of hair restoration, each claiming to produce effective results for its recipients. While there are many home remedies to treat hair loss, hair restoration methods and procedures done by professionals still deliver the best results, primarily because these experts know what they are doing and how to address the concerns adequately.

This article will discuss everything you must know about hair restoration, including its procedures, benefits, and possible side effects. Let this article educate you on what you need to know about this procedure.

How Hair Restoration Works

Hair restoration works either in hair transplants or injections using the doctors’ platelet-rich plasma on their patient’s scalp. Each has merits and benefits, but both are very helpful in hair restoration efforts.

Hair Transplants

This method adds more hair to an area somewhere on your head, which shows thinning or balding at some point. This is usually done by getting the hair from regions with thicker growth either from the scalp or on other body parts. Then, the doctor does hair grafting or actually transplanting it to the part where you experience balding or thinning.

Hair grafting is a successful hair restoration method, with anywhere from as low as ten percent to 80 percent of transplanted hair growing back in three to four months. It is important to note that hair grafting does not work for all cases of balding or thinning. Also, hair transplants are used to restore your hair due to natural causes or an injury.

Natural Growth Factor Injections Hair Restoration Treatment

Platelet-rich plasma hair restoration is a recent innovation. This is also called vampire hair restoration and is a part of the vampire aesthetic treatments group and vampire facials.

This technology employs getting blood drawn from you by a registered technician, then injecting your platelets back into the system after getting the blood components separated from each other through a centrifuge.

This procedure increases stimulation and growth between your hair follicles because of the platelets injected back into your scalp. The vampire hair restoration is backed up by various growth factors in the platelets, which all contribute to improving your hair loss and thinning.

Not many studies are present about Natural Growth Factor Injections hair restoration. Still, a considerable percentage of those who received it reported positive results lasting for three to four months. After those months, it is required for you to get booster shots to improve the hair growth and development for more.

Similar to other injectable cosmetic procedures, Natural Growth Factor Injections hair restorations require consistency and continuation. It is best to consult your dermatologist about this if you choose this as your preferred treatment for hair restoration.

Benefits of Hair Restoration Methods

Whether you got hair grafting, Natural Growth Factor Injections hair restoration, or over-the-counter medication and home remedies, there are many benefits that hair restoration methods in general have. However, these depend on person to person. For example, what happened to you might not be the same as the other person. Only your doctor can explain these benefits before and after you receive treatments for your hair loss.

Experts who received hair restoration treatments can experience a significant change or improvement three to four months after the treatment. For Natural Growth Factor Injections hair restoration, you can enjoy substantial enhancements to your hair growth and development three months after the procedure. To maintain the continuance of your results, multiple Natural Growth Factor Injections hair restoration sessions are required.

In addition, if you choose Natural Growth Factor Injections hair restoration, it has no downtimes, and it does not have any significant side effects. Mild side effects might occur, but they will be gone in a few days. This is one of the reasons why many people choose Natural Growth Factor Injections hair restoration for treating thinning and balding.

Possible Side Effects of Hair Restoration Methods

Of course, depending on which method you chose for your hair loss treatment, you might experience some side effects after the treatment. These are classified as mild side effects, and they go away after a few days.

Possible side effects include:

  • Headaches.
  • Pain and discomfort at the injection site.
  • Redness of the area where you got your shots.

These usually go away after a few days, and there is no need to worry. Also, choose Natural Growth Factor Injections hair restoration. You don’t really have to worry about any signs of rejection or any allergic reaction because the platelets injected on your scalp came from your own blood.

However, some people reported side effects from the anesthesia used during the Natural Growth Factor Injections hair restoration procedure. These include confusion, muscle aches, or bladder control issues. These can be avoidable if the doctor knows you are allergic to some types of anesthesia. It is better to let the doctor know beforehand so that they can prepare for alternatives.

Other lesser-known side effects include:

  • Scar tissues where the injections happened.
  • Blood vessel injury on the scalp.
  • An infection is caused by dirty syringes used in injecting the platelets.
  • Nerve injury.

You can avoid these side effects by trusting the reputed doctors to perform these for you. Never settle for suspiciously affordable Natural Growth Factor Injections hair restoration treatments, as they can cause you more harm than good.

Fortunately, no severe side effects were reported among those who received Natural Growth Factor Injections hair restoration treatments before. These are known to be safe and effective.

Our Takeaway

Hair restoration methods are known to bring effective results in three to four months after the procedures happen. However, you still need to be consistent and continue receiving treatments for more significant improvements.

There might be some side effects, but they are manageable and do not last for long. Also, these methods are known to be safe and effective, as long as you are doing it in a reputable clinic with registered doctors and staff to avoid any complications such as infections.

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